The Hawkers Trolley

1. Samosa – 2 pieces                                    $6.00

(Cones of homemade flour pastry filled with spiced potatoes and green peas, deep fried to golden brown)

2. Batata wada – 2 pieces                            $6.00

(Delicately spiced mashed potatoes coated with gram flour batter, fried to perfection)

3. Veg Pakora – 2 pieces                              $6.00

(Fritters of spinach, onion, potatoes and cauliflower flavoured with herbs and spices, deep fried with gram flour)

4. Bread Pakora – 2 pieces                          $6.00

(Triangles of white bread stuffed with spiced potatoes, dipped in gram flour batter, fried till golden brown)

The Clay Oven

5. SeekhKebab – 2 pieces                            $6.50

(Minced lamb marinated in aromatic herbs and spices, rolled on skewers, barbequed in clay oven, served with salad and dip)

6. Chicken Tikka – 4 pieces                          $11.90

(Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices and herbs, cooked in clay oven, served with salad and dip)

7. Tandoori Chicken                                                       Half -$11.90

         Full -$20.90

(Young chicken marinated in yoghurt based marination, roasted in clay oven, served with mint dip and salad)

8. Tandoori Mix – 6 pieces                              $15.90

(An assortment of tandoori meats from the clay oven. A treat in itself)

The Chef’s Pot (Curry Delight)

All curries cooked to taste your palate: Mild, Medium or Hot


9. Butter Chicken                                             $14.90

(All time favourite. Boneless morsels of chicken, cooked in clay oven and simmered in rich tomato based creamy sauce)

10. Chicken Korma Noorjahani                       $14.90

(Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in cashew nuts and cream based sauce delicately seasoned with blend of herbs and spices)

11. Chicken Saagwala                                    $14.90

(Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with fresh spinach, herbs and spices)

12. Chicken Tikka Masala                               $14.90

(A chicken and vegetable combination. Tandoori chicken tikka cooked with dices of capsicum, onion and tomatoes)

13. Chicken Vindaloo                                       $14.90

(A Goan delicacy. Boneless chicken cooked in hot vindaloo sauce)

14. Chicken Curry                                             $14.90

(Boneless juicy pieces of chicken cooked to perfection in an authentic onion and tomato curry)

15. Madras chicken curry                                $14.90

(Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in traditional South Indian style with coconut cream and curry leaves)


16. Lamb Roganjosh                                       $15.90

(Tender boneless pieces of lamb cooked in traditional kashmiri aromatic herbs and spices)

17. Saag Lamb                                                $15.90

(Diced lean lamb cooked with fresh spinach puree’, tomatoes, herbs and spices)

18. Lamb Masala                                             $15.90

(Tender pieces of lamb delicately flavoured with dices of capsicum, onion and tomatoes)

19. Lamb Korma Shahajahani                         $15.90

(A royal delicacy from the emperor Shahajahan’s era. Lamb dices cooked in yoghurt, cashew nuts and cream based gravy)

20. Lamb Vindaloo                                           $15.90

(Diced lamb deliciously cooked in Goan style, seasoned with spices and vinegar)


21. Beef Curry                                                   $15.90

(Diced beef cooked in tomato and onion gravy)

22. Beef Masala                                                $15.90

(A combination of diced beef, capsicum, onion and tomatoes in spicy sauce delicately flavoured with chopped cilantro)

23. Beef Vindaloo                                              $15.90

(Beef dices cooked in unique hot & sour sauce. A delicacy of Goa)

24. Beef Madras                                                $15.90

(Traditional South Indian dish cooked in gravy tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Finished with coconut cream)

From The Sea

25. Goan Fish Curry                                          $16.90

(Fresh fish fillet cooked in a special coconut sauce, tempered with mustard seeds, flavoured with fresh herbs and spices)

26. Fish Vindaloo                                               $16.90

(Fish fillet cooked in vindaloo sauce)

27. Prawn Vindaloo                                            $17.90

(Delicious Goan speciality. Prawns cooked in sauce, seasoned with spices and vinegar)

28. Prawn Malabar                                            $17.90

(Prawns delicately cooked with onion, tomatoes & capsicum in a mild creamy coconut sauce)

The Vegetarian Garden

29. Shahi Paneer                                              $13.90

(Homemade cottage cheese cooked in tomato based creamy sauce)

30. Mutter Paneer                                             $13.90

(Cottage cheese, green peas and potatoes cooked in onion and tomato sauce)

31. Kadahi Paneer                                           $13.90

(Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in spices sautéed with dices of capsicum, onion and tomatoes)

32. Palak Paneer                                             $13.90

(Fresh cottage cheese cooked in spinach sauce)

33. Malai Kofta                                                 $14.90

(Tasty cottage cheese and dry fruit dumplings cooked in creamy cashew nuts sauce)

34. Navratan Korma                                         $12.90

(An assortment of fresh vegetables & dry nuts cooked in creamy sauce)

35. Aloo Palak                                                    $12.90

(Potatoes cooked with creamy spinach in an authentic spicy sauce)

36. Mixed vegetables                                         $12.90

(Fresh assorted seasonal vegetables cooked in curry sauce)

37. Kabuli channa                                              $12.90

(Chickpeas cooked in thick onion gravy, finished with herbs and tomatoes)

38. Dal Makhani                                                  $12.90

(Black Gram lentils simmered overnight with spices, finished with tomatoes, cream and butter)

Rice & Biryani

39. Steamed Rice                                                $4.00

40. Mutter Pulao                                                   $5.90

(Rice cooked with green peas)

41. Vegetable Pulao                                            $5.90

(Seasonal vegetables cooked with rice herbs and spices)

42. Kashmiri Pulao                                              $6.90

(Rice cooked with nuts and dry fruits)

43. Coconut Rice                                                 $5.90

(A south Indian rice cooked with coconut, tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds)

44. Lemon Rice                                                    $5.90

(Rice with tinge of lemon flavoured with south Indian spices)

45. Biryani (Lamb/chicken/Beef)                         $12.90

(Rice cooked with desired meat and nuts, delicately flavoured with mint and spices)


All breads served fresh from tandoor (clay oven)

46. Naan                                                                 $2.50

(A flat, leavened bread of northwest India, made of white flour)

47. Garlic naan                                                       $3.00

(Plain flour bread with garlic)

48. Paneer Kulcha                                                 $5.00

(Bread stuffed with spiced cottage cheese and herbs)

49. Keema Naan                                                    $5.00

(Plain flour bread stuffed with spicy lamb mince)

50. Kashmiri naan                                                  $5.00

(Bread stuffed with variety of dry fruits and nuts)

51. Tandoori Roti                                                    $2.50

(Unleavened wholemeal bread)

52. Plain Parantha                                                  $3.50

(Wholemeal flaky bread)

53. Mint Parantha                                                    $4.00

(Wholemeal flaky bread with mint)

54. Aloo Parantha                                                   $4.00

(Wholemeal bread stuffed with spicy potato mixture)

Side Dishes

55. Raita                                                                  $3.50

(Homemade yoghurt with cucumber, tomatoes, herbs and spices)

56. Dahi Bhalla                                                       $7.00

(Delicious lentil balls served in delicately spiced yoghurt and tamarind sauce)

57. Chutneys                                                           $1.50

(Sweet mango, Mint, Tomato chilli, Tamarind, Mixed pickle)

58. Pappadams – 4 pieces                                     $2.50

59. Garden Salad                                                    $5.00

(Fresh cucumber, onion, tomatoes and lettuce)

60. Spicy onion salad                                              $2.50

Desserts and Beverages

61. Gulab Jamun – 2 pieces                                   $5.00

(Dumplings made out of thickened milk served in traditional sweet syrup flavoured with saffron and green cardamom)

62. Kheer                                                                 $4.00

(Indian rice pudding flavoured with saffron and green cardamom)

63. Tea/ coffee                                                        $2.50

64. Indian Masala Tea                                            $3.50

65. Soft Drinks – Cans                                            $2.50

66. Mineral Water                                                    $2.50

67. Lassi

( soothe your palate with a special drink made out of fresh yoghurt)

             Mango                                $3.50

             Plain (Sweet )                     $3.50

            Jeera ( Salted )                    $3.50


* Prices are subject to change without notice