46. Naan                                                                 $2.50

(A flat, leavened bread of northwest India, made of white flour)

47. Garlic naan                                                       $3.00

(Plain flour bread with garlic)

48. Paneer Kulcha                                                 $5.00

(Bread stuffed with spiced cottage cheese and herbs)

49. Keema Naan                                                    $5.00

(Plain flour bread stuffed with spicy lamb mince)

50. Kashmiri naan                                                  $5.00

(Bread stuffed with variety of dry fruits and nuts)

51. Tandoori Roti                                                    $2.50

(Unleavened wholemeal bread)

52. Plain Parantha                                                  $3.50

(Wholemeal flaky bread)

53. Mint Parantha                                                    $4.00

(Wholemeal flaky bread with mint)

54. Aloo Parantha                                                   $4.00

(Wholemeal bread stuffed with spicy potato mixture)