39. Steamed Rice                                                $4.00

40. Mutter Pulao                                                   $5.90

(Rice cooked with green peas)

41. Vegetable Pulao                                            $5.90

(Seasonal vegetables cooked with rice herbs and spices)

42. Kashmiri Pulao                                              $6.90

(Rice cooked with nuts and dry fruits)

43. Coconut Rice                                                 $5.90

(A south Indian rice cooked with coconut, tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds)

44. Lemon Rice                                                    $5.90

(Rice with tinge of lemon flavoured with south Indian spices)

45. Biryani (Lamb/chicken/Beef)                         $12.90

(Rice cooked with desired meat and nuts, delicately flavoured with mint and spices)