16. Lamb Roganjosh                                       $15.90

(Tender boneless pieces of lamb cooked in traditional kashmiri aromatic herbs and spices)

17. Saag Lamb                                                $15.90

(Diced lean lamb cooked with fresh spinach puree’, tomatoes, herbs and spices)

18. Lamb Masala                                             $15.90

(Tender pieces of lamb delicately flavoured with dices of capsicum, onion and tomatoes)

19. Lamb Korma Shahajahani                         $15.90

(A royal delicacy from the emperor Shahajahan’s era. Lamb dices cooked in yoghurt, cashew nuts and cream based gravy)

20. Lamb Vindaloo                                           $15.90

(Diced lamb deliciously cooked in Goan style, seasoned with spices and vinegar)