29. Shahi Paneer                                              $13.90

(Homemade cottage cheese cooked in tomato based creamy sauce)

30. Mutter Paneer                                             $13.90

(Cottage cheese, green peas and potatoes cooked in onion and tomato sauce)

31. Kadahi Paneer                                           $13.90

(Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in spices sautéed with dices of capsicum, onion and tomatoes)

32. Palak Paneer                                             $13.90

(Fresh cottage cheese cooked in spinach sauce)

33. Malai Kofta                                                 $14.90

(Tasty cottage cheese and dry fruit dumplings cooked in creamy cashew nuts sauce)

34. Navratan Korma                                         $12.90

(An assortment of fresh vegetables & dry nuts cooked in creamy sauce)

35. Aloo Palak                                                    $12.90

(Potatoes cooked with creamy spinach in an authentic spicy sauce)

36. Mixed vegetables                                         $12.90

(Fresh assorted seasonal vegetables cooked in curry sauce)

37. Kabuli channa                                              $12.90

(Chickpeas cooked in thick onion gravy, finished with herbs and tomatoes)

38. Dal Makhani                                                  $12.90

(Black Gram lentils simmered overnight with spices, finished with tomatoes, cream and butter)